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What's Inside

  • Top three productivity and capacity tips from advisors
  • Top five things clients want more, and less of, from business advisors
  • Advisors' biggest barrier to growth
  • Number one theme for advisors
  • Insights on how to scale business advisory services
  • Three clear groups of business advisors in 2023.
    Which are you in?
  • How to reset, reskill and refire
  • Top three advisor training needs

Advisor Insights


of advisors want to grow, with only 4% happy with their current performance


of advisors see attraction and retention of staff as their clients' top barrier to success in 2023


theme for business advisors in 2023 is 'profitable growth'

Are you an optimistic contrarian?

With continued turbulent times, it would be easy for an advisor to be pessimistic, but 2023 feels like a sliding door year. Which route will you take? Play it safe, or seize the opportunity?

Based on a survey of over 200 business advisors and leaders in late 2022, Mindshop's Business Advisory Performance, Trends and Best Practice Report shares detailed analysis and tips directly from Mindshop's senior member base.

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